Female names in Smashing Pumpkins songs

Billy Corgan has always included a lot of female names in the songs of The Smashing Pumpkins.  I was curious as to just how many he used throughout The Smashing Pumpkins discography.  As you can see, this trend peaked in the mid/late ’90s with Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness and Adore.

Dahlia (“My Dahlia” – Light into Dark)
Tristessa (“Tristessa” – Gish)
Starla (“Starla” – I Am One Single)
June (“Bye June” – Lull EP)
Glynis (“Glynis” – No Alternative)
Justine (“1979” – MCIS)
Ruby (“Thru the Eyes of Ruby” – MCIS)
Judy (“Stumbleine” – MCIS)
Sally (“Stumbeleine”- MCIS)
Ruby (“Stumbleine” – MCIS)
Mary (“XYU”- MCIS)
Lily (“Lily (My One and Only)” – MCIS)
Sheila (“To Sheila” – Adore)
Ava* (“Ava Adore” – Adore)
Daphne* (“Daphne Descends” – Adore)
Dusty (“The Tale of Dusty and Pistol Pete” – Adore)
Annie (“Annie-Dog” – Adore)
Martha* (“For Martha” – Adore)
Rosemary (“Summer” – Perfect Single)

*Name in track title only.

Did I miss any?

Arbitrary song of the day: El Guincho – Bombay


7 thoughts on “Female names in Smashing Pumpkins songs

  1. “Czarina” is just the female version of “czar”. I don’t think it’s used in the context of a name, but you could certainly make that argument.

  2. The album Gish was named after Lillian Gish a silent movie actress. You could make an argument for Luna on Siamese Dream as well.

    • OH! but what I really meant to say was this was exactly the list I was looking for and was the first thing that popped up when searching “smashing pumpkins songs with girl names” for a research project on female fictional characters in media. Thank you sooooo much!

  3. I named Lilly my cat for the same song. She died 3 years ago and I have finally open to having a new cat. I have already met her. Now I have to find a new name. Lily is still the best name ever and great song.

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