August 2009 Mix CD

Garrett Jones has to start sucking at some point, right?  Players don’t suddenly become better moving from the minors to the majors.  Anyway…

  1. Coal Chamber – Big Truck >> If I was still 9 years old, I, too, would write a song about a big truck.  There’s something you have to admire about a band who screams “big truck” and makes that a song.  I love it.
  2. White Zombie – Creature of the Wheel >> One of the few non-singles from Astro Creep: 2000, but it very well could have been.  People forget just how good this album was, with over half of the album being singles.  There will be a metal post in the relatively near future discussing such matters.
  3. The Presets – Down Down Down
  4. The Rapture – House of Jealous Lovers >> Even though I know the title of the song, it still sounds like “Hot souls!  Chinese lovers!” to me.
  5. Franz Ferdinand – No You Girls
  6. Beck – Mixed Bizness >> Beck is the funk.  He wants to be it, and he is it.  No part of this song is not the funk.  This cannot be denied.
  7. Muse – Starlight >> I’ve never been a Muse fan.  I don’t have anything against them.  I remember thoroughly enjoying (and still enjoying) “Muscle Museum” in 1999.  But, really, I only like this one for the nice keyboardy bits.  Does that make me a bad person?
  8. Giant Drag – Kevin is Gay >> Actually found this one via Bill Simmons’ tweet.  Simple lyrics, simple melodies, gorgeous post-grunge sounds.  I wish there were more “meows” here, though.  Also, the first sounds in the song are apparently lead singer Annie Hardy imitating the “shoryuken” sound from Street Fighter.
  9. Blonde Redhead – 23
  10. Shout Out Louds – Impossible (Possible Version by Studio) >> Swedish indie pop transformed into Balearic house.  It works so incredibly well, you wouldn’t know it’s a remix.  Sunny and warm enough that it works even in the dead of winter.
  11. Stereolab – Good is Me >> Not just an experiment in music, but in logic.  “I am good therefore good is me,” “He’s not me therefore he is not good.”  While not logically sound (maybe that’s the point?), it is hella hypnotic.  “Good is Me” plays out in a bizarre ABAC featuring twangy guitar sounds and Americana organ before shifting to a ’70s prog rock outro.  I will need to investigate further Stereolab material…
  12. Mute Math – Typical >> I’m a sucker for big crunchy distortion and “Typical” delivers.
  13. Interpol – Roland >> I’ve explained before why Turn on the Bright Lights is a great album and Interpol’s other albums are not, so I don’t think we need to do that again.
  14. Joy Division – Dead Souls >> The first lyrics don’t appear until almost 2 minutes in.  Of all Joy Division songs, I can see this one being most ferociously performed live.  Joy Division was supposedly a lot more aggressive live and this would have been a great window.
  15. Bloc Party – I Still Remember >> The main guitar riff is a brilliant post-punk revival take on new wave.
  16. The Shins – Sea Legs >> One of the more distinctive Shins songs.  It could have only been off of Wincing the Night Away.
  17. Beck – Sunday Sun
  18. Nick Drake – Fly >> The interplay of all the plucked, strummed, and bowed strings is dreamy.  Drake as always brings otherwordly qualities to simple lyrics.
  19. The Smashing Pumpkins – Zeitgeist >> I hadn’t really listened to this song ever.  It was just kind of “that acoustic track at the end of Zeitgeist.”  It really is a special acoustic work by Billy Corgan on par with anything from the Mellon Collie demos.

Arbitrary song of the day: Tears for Fears – Head Over Heels


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