May 2009 Mix CD

I missed the April mix disc due to my main PC being down with hard drive issues.  Thanks go to Western Digital for their useful customer service, even though it did take a month to get a good one in return (the first arrived DOA).  Anyway, let’s kick it in a manner befitting of an elderly school…

  1. The Prodigy – Invaders Must Die >> Before reading Paul Shirley’s writeup on The Prodigy, I was unaware that The Prodigy even had a new album.  I wasn’t into their previous album, which was too much of that awkward electronic-rock crossover with too many guest stars, a type of an album which occurs more often than it should.  In short, The Prodigy is back with an evil, growling big beat that shows off what they’ve always done best.
  2. Mindless Self Indulgence – Straight to Video
  3. The Smashing Pumpkins – FOL >> I broke my rule of not including Pumpkins songs on mix albums, as the quality obviously isn’t as consistent as their 90s work and it’s not entirely certain that Billy Corgan will keep putting out full albums.  Also, he should probably drop “The Smashing Pumpkins” moniker now that it’s just him…
  4. Phoenix – 1901 >> The track has a dance-punk vibe, despite minimal synthesizer intervention.  And isn’t this one of the most unexpected SNL music acts?
  5. Bloc Party – One Month Off >> I guess this song occurs one month after Underworld’s “Two Months Off”?
  6. Liars – It Fit When I Was a Kid (Crystal Castles Remix)
  7. Hot Chip – Ready for the Floor >> I’ve listened to this song so many times now, but I still don’t know if I have anything interesting to say about.  Let’s try… it’s… a good… synthpop?  No, I guess I don’t.
  8. The Ting Tings – Great DJ >> I’ve just been clicking through their singles on Youtube and so far this is the only one I like.  Am I doing it wrong?
  9. Moloko – Fun for Me >> As I previously mentioned, I’m glad I learned of this song.
  10. Andrew Bird – Imitosis >> Andrew Bird looks to be one of the more interesting musicians to see live – great multi-instrumentalist.
  11. Editors – Open Up >> It seems like Editors’ B-sides are hit-or-miss.  Along with “Colours”, these are a couple of Editors best songs.  Enjoyably repetetive and singable.
  12. Interpol – NYC >> Conveys a sense of space, a quality which I think is present only in Interpol’s best.
  13. Aceyalone with RJD2 – A Beautiful Mine (edit) >> Also known as the theme to Mad Men, I edited this down to remove the extra noodling at the end.
  14. Dan Deacon – Okie Dokie >> Aside from the plain insanity of this track I enjoy two particular things about this song.  One is the refrain of “I’ve got a rattlesnake gun” (is it a gun that is for shooting rattlesnakes?  is it a gun that shoots out rattlesnakes?  THESE ARE THE THINGS I NEED TO KNOW!).  Second is that it’s on the album Spiderman of the Rings, one of the better album names you’ll see.  Anyay, I still need to hear Deacon’s most recent album.
  15. Passion Pit – Sleepy Head >> Reminds me of “Alice” by Pogo.  I absolutely adore the wipey synth that comes in around 1:13.
  16. Hot Chip – One Pure Thought
  17. Asobi Seksu – Transparence >> I hadn’t really noticed until now, but I didn’t really like their first album.  They didn’t figure out until Citrus (2006).
  18. Third Eye Blind – Jumper >> This is still a good song; I refuse to believe otherwise.
  19. Supergrass – In It For the Money >> What’s with the sudden ending?  It makes it a little hard on people making mix CDs, but it does provide good contrast with…
  20. Michael Andrews – Slipping Away >> A short creepy track you’ll probably recognize as being out of the Donnie Darko soundtrack.
  21. The Prodigy – Stand Up >> Big bold brass.  I like it.

Also, you owe it to yourself to watch/listen to Steve Porter’s remixes of the Slap Chop and Sham Wow commercials.

Arbitrary song of the day: Thom Yorke – The Clock


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