The best 18 Adult Swim shows – Part 5: 6-4

This is taking me many months apparently…

6. Home Movies

From the people who brought you Dr. Katz, you’ve got Home Movies.  It features a lot of the improvisational feeling of the Dr. Katz segments with H. Jon Benjamin and Jonathan Katz. The main character, Brendon, is a kid movie director partially based on the actor who plays him, Brendon Small (who also co-created the series). Like Dr. Katz, it uses the techniques of retroscripting and, originally at least, Squigglevision. After the first season, they switched over to normal animation techniques (Adobe Flash I believe), which was just fine with me. Squigglevision is freaky…

Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Laaaaaaaaw

Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Laaaaaaaaw

5. Robot Chicken

Robot Chicken is probably the most popular original Adult Swim program. The sheer number of celebrities who have appeared on Robot Chicken is staggering, especially for a semi-obscure cable show shown after midnight. The Star Wars episode is must-see and includes what is probably my favorite Robot Chicken sketch, which features Emperor Palpatine speaking to Darth Vader over the phone after the Battle of Yavin. I think everyone who has watched Robot Chicken since the beginning felt a little pride when the show was given a shout-out on Family Guy’s Star Wars special.

4. Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law

There’s so much to love about this series, whether it is the poking fun at Hanna-Barbera characters, over-the-top theme song, or Stephen Colbert as insane, eye-patch wearing boss Phil Ken Sebben. Despite all the bizarre sight gags and non sequiturs, the most strange thing about the series may be that there was a video game based on the show for the Wii.


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