Notes on the ESPN

Today’s ESPN headlines seemed more negative/depressing than usual.  Let’s break down the 10 headlines on TWWL’s front page from today:espn-headlines

3 criminal acts
3 NFL player/team disputes
1 injury
1 disappointment
2 neutral

Anyway, ombudsman Le Anne Schreiber wrote her last column for ESPN where she talks about sports fans’ frustration with over-coverage of big names like Brett Favre, Terrell Owens, and Alex Rodriguez. I’d like to add to her commentary that ESPN should get rid of ridiculous stuff like “Titletown” and “Who’s Now?”, which quickly became a parody of itself.  And, please, show more game action on SportsCenter and fewer on-site reports and post-game sound bites.  I really don’t care if Pedro Gomez is knitting a scarf in Roger Clemens’ breakfast nook, just show me some damn hockey highlights.

Arbitrary song of the day: Luke Vibert – Breakbeat Metal Music


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