Scattered thoughts on Super Bowl XLIII

  • I really dislike how much nonsense there is around the Super Bowl.  I don’t mind the excessive amount of writing, stories, and such the week before, but I don’t want it interfering with the game itself.  The insane amount of pre-game coverage, non-football related sideline reports, and just all the stuff distracting from the game itself is what I hate.  Worst of all is the half time show.  I have never once been interested in the Super Bowl halftime show and I doubt this will change.  This is even more true now that the NFL has instituted an old-white-male-rocker-only policy with regards to who they have.  Actually, I guess Prince isn’t white, but he’s from Minnesota, so that’s close enough.  Anyway, because of all this, I will be turning on the TV at 6:25 and leaving during the halftime show.  I wish the Super Bowl was treated more like the AFC/NFC Championship games.
  • I really only like Dave Dameshek in the context of Bill Simmons, such as Wednesday’s B.S. Report on the Super Bowl.  Dameshek is a bit too “radio” for me with the goofy sounds and segments.  Sorry, Dave.  I think that’s why I like Simmons’ podcast so much; he’s funny and fairly insightful (especially so with regards to basketball) without any of the reactionary retardation that comes with being on the radio (*cough*Jim Rome*cough*).  Also, I’m completely with Dameshek and Simmons on Mike Tomlin being the coolest coach.
  • Apparently, the football Hall of Fame announced their selections.  No one really cares about the football Hall of Fame the way they do about the baseball Hall of Fame.  It’s fascinating how much was written about this past baseball election, but how little was written about this past football one.  The NFL is (has always been?) much more focused on the present.  Rod Woodson got in though, which is nice.  Bob Smizik says that anti-Steelers bias kept out Dermontti Dawson, which is absolutely braindead.  If anything, it’s a bias against linemen in general.
  • What would have happened if the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had gotten to the Super Bowl?  Would they still be holding the Super Bowl in Tampa?  That clearly wouldn’t be fair in the least.  Shouldn’t the NFL have some sort of alternate site set up in case the city hosting a Super Bowl makes it there?  Having home field advantage for the biggest game of the year would be a huge, undeserved advantage.

Arbitrary song of the day: Nobukazu Takemura – Anemometer


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