Future Hall of Fame Candidates (Young ‘Uns)

On to the young baseball players who will be future Hall of Fame candidates.  You can find part 1 here and part 2 here.  Clearly, these are extremely speculative, but fun nonetheless.

Almost Certainly

Hanley Ramirez – Even with terrible fielding, his kind of offense at SS is extremely valuable.  His skill set will age extremely gracefully.


Evan Longoria – Yes, his first season was that impressive

Scott Kazmir – A big red health flag, but as good as stuff as any pitcher in the league

Tim Lincecum – Already won a Cy Young award, you have to like his chances

Felix Hernandez – Only 23 next year and can still improve a lot

Cole Hamels – The NLCS MVP and WS MVP from last year will definitely help him out 20 years from now


Nick Markakis – He’s been steadily improving each year and he still has a good deal of potential left

Justin Upton – As a great a set of skills you’ll see on any prospect

Matt Wieters – He’s absolutely devastated minor league pitching in his first pro year.  He’s possibly the best offensive prospect in the minors right now.  That, coupled with the fact that he plays catcher really tempted me to bump him up to “Probably”, but that would be way too eager and optimistic.

Brian McCann – Extremely underrated offensive and defensive catcher

Prince Fielder – He could become known as the best 1B of his generation

Dustin Pedroia – Well-rounded skillset, still too early to tell if he can stay this much better than everyone expected

Jon Lester – Being on the Red Sox will help, as will the craziness of having crushed cancer

Chad Billingsley – It’s going to keep on coming together for him


Ryan Braun – I’m still not entirely on the Braun-mobile, but it would be nice to add another Jew to the Hall

B.J. Upton – I think his 2007 was a bit of a fluke, but he still has a lot of potential

Edinson Volquez – Control is a huge question mark

Johnny Cueto – It’ll really be interesting to see whether Volquez or Cueto turns out better.  I know one thing though: I wouldn’t trust either of them to Dusty Baker

David Price – Everyone loves him, but still a lot of question marks with a young pitcher

Wow, that was quite the epic three-part list.  If you made it all the way through, congratulations!  Also, you should probably find better uses for your time.  Not that I’m much better since I spent much more time writing it…  Anyway, if there are any particularly notable omissions, I’d be glad to hear any opinions.

Arbitrary song of the day: Gorillaz – Kids with Guns


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