Future Hall of Fame Candidates (The Old Guys)

Rickey Henderson (yay) and Jim Rice (boo) were announced as being inducted into the Hall of Fame today.  Just for the heck of it, lets see who among active players (plus those who played last year) who should make the Hall.  This post got pretty big, so we’re gonna split it up over the next three days depending on a player’s age/experience.  Each post is further divided into categories based on what I think their credentials are and how I think the baseball writers will react to them.  First off are the old guys…

All-Time Greats

Manny Ramirez – One of the most “feared” hitters, but unlike Jim Rice, his reputation is well-deserved and acknowledged by contemporaries

Frank Thomas – An absolute force – I think if he retired today he would still get in on the first ballot

Mike Piazza – The best hitting catcher of all time – that’s good enough for me

Derek Jeter – I put Jeter here as he’s been on the decline for a little while, but he’ll still be useful for a few more years

Greg Maddux – The best control pitcher ever

Pedro Martinez – Pretty much Sandy Koufax with a better medical staff

Randy Johnson – Absolutely dominant after he figured out his control at age 29

Mariano Rivera – Almost certainly the best modern reliever

Solid Choices

Ivan Rodriguez – He’s outlived his usefulness, but still one of the best catchers ever

Ken Griffey Jr. – Just because he’s overrated doesn’t mean he’s not a HoF-er

Jeff Kent – One of the great-hitting 2B of all time.  Not a great fielder, but his mustache makes up for some of that.

Chipper Jones – His health will hold up well enough for him to finish off his impressive career

Curt Schilling – I forgot how great Schilling has been; he put up some crazy K:BB numbers, but was a bit homer-prone

John Smoltz – I think I’d feel a lot better about him if he was able to make a come-back in Boston (I love the signing by the way)

Trevor Hoffman – The prototypical “coddled closer”, but the best

Barely In

Jim Thome – I think Thome is where the line will be drawn for the super slugging 1B/DHs of our era

Tom Glavine – Not as great as Smoltz or Maddux, but Glavine was very good with bits of greatness for a long time; I think he gets in

Mike Mussina – Decent candidate, but is incredibly similar to Kevin Brown

Not Quite

Jason Giambi – The steroids and lack of defensive value will be held against him

Carlos Delgado – He’s in a queue of great hitting/poor fielding 1B/DH types

Omar Vizquel – If he gets in, I won’t be happy about it.  He has a lifetime OPS+ of 83! (no thats not a factorial)

Brian Giles – A career .300/.400/.500 guy (a lot of that in Petco no less), but I don’t know if thats enough; I know the writers certainly won’t think so

Kevin Brown – If Mussina is in, you can’t make a great argument to keep out Brown.  Their careers are very similar, but the writers will make the distinction somehow as Brown doesn’t “feel” like a Hall of Famer.

Billy Wagner – He’s pitched great whenever he’s been on the mound, but he needs a TJ surgery comeback in order to get bumped in – a difficult task

Jamie Moyer – A compiler-type guy, though he’s had about an equivalent career to Jack Morris

Arbitrary song of the day: Steve Reich – Different Trains (The Kronos Quartet)


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