The best 18 Adult Swim shows – Part 4: 9-7

Booyah, numbers nine through seven today!

9.  Frisky Dingo


Frisky Dingo is a great example of Adult Swim’s great formula of putting dumb people in serious situations which they don’t treat as serious situations.  It works pretty well here as Killface expounds on why his postcards of ill intent have the word doom on them in quotation marks (“Is this some sort of ironic doom?”).  It has a spin-off now called The Xtacles, which I expect to be pretty good, as Xander Crews’ personal task force was always one of the funnier bits.

8.  Lucy, the Daughter of the Devil

Lucy is a great series from Loren Bouchard of Dr. Katz and Home Movies fame.  As a result, the always hilarious H. Jon Benjamin is cast as The Devil.  It instantly makes me happy whenever I recognize his voice in a cartoon.  Lucy uses a strange animation style which kind of looks likes living Playmobil, but its effective enough to get the point across as The Devil concocts ridiculous schemes to take over the world.

7.  Space Ghost Coast to Coast

The earliest Adult Swim and the one that set the benchmark for adult programming on Cartoon Network, Space Ghost was surreally clever.  The sheer number of stars who were guests on it is amazing, considering the show’s very unusual nature.  My favorite episode is absolutely “Knifin’ Around”, which features Björk and Thom Yorke.  Björk is introduced as Space Ghost’s wife and hilarity ensues (“Honey, those aren’t children, they’re packets of cream cheese”).

Arbitrary song of the day: Born Ruffians – I Need a Life (Four Tet Remix)


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