Top 5 Players in NBA Jam Tournament Edition

Of all the issues we address in our daily lives, I think this one touches us in the most profound ways.  Every day, people wonder to themselves:

Who are the top 5 players in NBA Jam: Tournament Edition?


5. Karl Malone (Utah Jazz) – A fairly prototypical big man with non-terrible three-point shooting.  He and John Stockton form possibly the most complimentary duo in the game.  The Jazz were my favorite team in the 1990s.  In the 2000s, my favorite teams were the Mavericks and the Suns.  Apparently I like small, white All-Star point guards who don’t win championships.

4. Larry Johnson (Charlotte Hornets) – Almost identical to Malone except for slightly better speed and three-point shooting.  Malone has the edge in clutch and pass, but three-point shooting is a lot more valuable, so thats why Johnson is on top.

3. Nick Anderson (Orlando Magic) – There are a few three-point shooters in the game with a rating of 9, but most of them either lack secondary skills or are short, which is much, much worse.  Anderson brings a well rounded set of other skills though, including very good steal ability and decent shot-blocking and power.  That he’s not even a starter in NBA Jam TE is surprising, as he’s better than both teammates Horace Grant and Penny Hardaway.

2. Derrick Coleman (New Jersey Nets) – The only player on the list with a red stat (less than or equal to 2).   Coleman is sort of the reverse of Nick Anderson: poor steal ability, but with a very good three-point shot and fantastic power and block.

1. Alonzo Mourning (Charlotte Hornets) – Damn, the Hornets are great in NBA Jam.  Sure, Muggsy Bogues isn’t that great, but with Mourning and Johnson’s great power, they’re hard to knock off the court.  Mourning is basically Johnson, but a little bit better in a few areas, most importantly, block and clutch.  While I was considering putting Coleman in this spot due to his better three-point shot, I think Mourning is more well-rounded.



BONUS – Worst player in NBA Jam (normal rosters only): Kevin Edwards (New Jersey Nets) – Edwards lacks any real plus skills except for power, which is strange considering he’s small.  His height in itself is extremely detrimental, but coupling that with the fact that the Nets already have another small guy, Kenny Anderson, yields a lame combination.  Anderson at least has decent small player skills (threes mainly), but playing both Anderson and Edwards is basically conceding the glass and any suggestion of shot-blocking.  I’m not sure what you’re supposed to do with a small guy who can’t shoot threes, pass, or play defense and for that, Kevin Edwards is the worst player in NBA Jam TE.

DOUBLE BONUS – Oliver Miller’s portrait is creepy.  It looks like his head was chiseled by Mayans or something.

Arbitrary song of the day: Final Fantasy – The Butcher


4 thoughts on “Top 5 Players in NBA Jam Tournament Edition

  1. I couldn’t agree more. My favorite game of all time. Love the hornets in this game been beating everyone for years. Would love a challange!!

  2. And what about Hakeem the Dream? Arguably the best in the game. NBA Jam TE is a blast and I love the post. Makes me think of watching Stockton/Malone way back. Omw to play it now on SNES.

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