You! Me! Dancing! redux

See here for my thoughts on the EP version of “You! Me! Dancing!”.

I took a listen to the album version of “You! Me! Dancing!” – and, wow, it’s completely stripped of everything I enjoyed about it.  The energy of the guitar riff is stripped off and replaced with a more of a forgettable drone.  The tempo throughout is slowed and just absolutely destroys all of the joy in it.  The fun Baroque pop-ness is replaced with sludge, as even the band seems unenthused in this rework.  There’s an added goofy keyboard bit which adds nothing and distracts from any remaining good parts of the song.  The final rant’s intensity is stripped, which makes it completely pointless.  Just… wow…  I have no idea what producer David Newfeld was thinking here.  Whatever it was, was just completely wrong.

Arbitrary song of the day: Vampire Weekend – A-Punk


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