The best 18 Adult Swim shows – Part 3: 12-10

12. The Brak Show

The Brak Show, a spin-off of Space Ghost Coast to Coast, put Brak and his spiteful pal Zorak into the trusty sitcom.  While originally villains of Space Ghost, they had been recast as talk show sidekicks and are re-recast here as adolescents.  Most of the show is merely OK, but the standout material is that from Brak’s father – appropriately named “Father”.  A tiny Desi Arnaz figure voiced by George Lowe (the voice of Space Ghost), his self-centeredness and non-sequiturs are what made the series as funny as it was.

11.  Stroker and Hoop

Stroker and Hoop was a very short series – 13 episodes to be precise.  Most of the humor was created from the absurd plots that Stroker (Adult Swim regular Jon Glaser) and Hoop were investigating.  My favorite plot that I can recall is a client who needs help getting a telepathic Ron Howard out of his brain.  Most things are better with Ron Howard.

10.  Metalocalypse

Heavy metal and ultra-violence.  Imagine The Neptunes, except instead of inoffensive aquatic pop music, it’s brutal death metal – this is Dethklok.  Well, not really.  Thousands of times more popular than any band in history, the five members of Dethklok are more powerful than any government, giving them the ability to destroy, brutalize, and generally do whatever they want in the name of metal.  The humor is twofold.  The first aspect is the absurd lengths to which Dethklok goes to in order to achieve their brand of metal and just how extremely “metal” everything they own is.  The second is the Adult Swim stalwart of comedy: putting normal conversations into abnormal situations.  In this case, normal conversations are inserted into this world of heavy metal and ultra-violence.  Throw in the show’s bizarre mythology and you’ve got some quality viewing.

The cast of Metalocalypse is also pretty interesting.  Among the regular cast, we have series creators Brendon Small and Tommy Blacha along with Mark Hamill and Malcolm McDowell, which is pretty cool.  There’s also been a slew of musicians as guest stars, including Mike Patton (Faith No More, Mr. Bungle),  members of Metallica, and a laundry list of metal acts.

Arbitrary song of the day: Gnarls Barkley – Open Book


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