The best 18 Adult Swim shows – Part 1: 18-16

I like lists. I feel I should be writing more lists. The following is the first part of a six part series on my favorite [adult swim] original shows. I was able to come up with a total of 18 shows that were genuinely enjoyable at times. Yes, I realize this is most of the shows created for Adult Swim. Because of this, all of the shows that make the list are not necessarily great or even good. Adult Swim does have a pretty good track record (percentage-wise at least) of shows, but still I found that making this was not terribly difficult. Anyway, lets get on with it – we’ll go in reverse order.

18. Minoriteam

The premise is pretty much the entire plot: a team of superheros who are all ethnic stereotypes. While good for a few laughs, most of the humor comes from the superheros’ and villains’ names and superpowers. The best were probably the villains, which included The Corporate Ladder (an anthropomorphic ladder who smoked a pipe), The Standardized Test (a robot whose costume resembles a scantron sheet), and Racist Frankenstein (really, that’s just funny by itself).

17. Perfect Hair Forever


La la la la la la la...

Perfect Hair Forever was an inexplicable show riddled with non-sequiturs. Despite only being 7 episodes long, Perfect Hair Forever‘s creation actually spanned 2.5 years. The pilot was aired sometime in 2004 and the additional episodes weren’t created until much later, including the finale which wasn’t shown until 2007. Though the part-anime parody, part-insanity show had some good moments, I think what I’ll most remember is the terrifying song of Action Hotdog.

16. Saul of the Mole Men

Unless I’m mistaken, Saul was the first non-animated Adult Swim show. The aesthetic for show is that of an overambitious public access channel. It featured ridiculous costumes, intentionally terrible special effects, and a fantastic over-the-top Buffalo accent (“I just wanna study raaacks”). Despite all the intentional silliness, the show’s plot was ambitious for its 15 minute time slot. The plot was a continuous storyline, which doesn’t work so well in the allotted brief weekly segments (think Prince Valiant, where you have one panel that recaps previous events, one the previews coming events, and only one with actual stuff going on).

Arbitrary song of the day: Malcolm Middleton – Solemn Thirsty


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