Andy LaRoche to the Pirates for Jason bay in a deadline deal

Looks like the Pirates took my advice. However, I’m surprised the Bucs couldn’t convince the Dodgers to add Matt Kemp into the deal in exchange for Jack Wilson. The Dodgers clearly want a SS and now have 5(!) talented (Kemp, Andre Ethier), highly paid (Andruw Jones, Juan Pierre), or both (Manny Ramirez) OFs. Seems like playing time was going to be hard to get to all of them. Maybe Ned Colletti values young players just a little more than we thought? As little as the Dodgers seemed to care for LaRoche, it does seem like they got fair value for him.

I am extremely curious as to what Neal Huntington’s long term plans are for the Pirates, as his trades haven’t really focused on improving for a specific time frame. That is, Jose Tabata and Bryan Morris seem like they are 3-5 years away from being above average players, while LaRoche, Brandon Moss, and the Yankees pitchers seem likely to pay off (if they do at all), in 1-2 years. While there is, of course, overlap, I assumed that Huntington would try to get all younger players in A and AA, rather than players currently trying to break into the majors. I understand that in order to have continuous success as a franchise you need to have players of different ages and experience levels, but it seems to me like you have to break into this model of success before you try to create a continuous stream of good players.  Check out this nifty chart at Bucs Dugout of how the Pirates have turned Ricardo Rincon, Roberto Hernandez, and Rob Mackowiak into their current assets.

While I would have liked to see the Pirates get better value for Xavier Nady and Damaso Marte, I think they got a fair deal for Jason Bay. Good luck to Bay in Boston – enjoy the Green Monster!

Arbitrary song of the day: Manitoba – Skunks


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