Ah, Dusty Baker.

We missed you, Dusty. Thank you for bring up Norris Hopper when asked about Jay Bruce. Who cares about one of the top prospects who smacked 26 homers last year in time split between A+/AA/AAA and batted over .300 at each stop? Not Dusty Baker, who is more interested in discussing Norris Hopper, a perpetual 4/5 outfielder who has less than 350 major league ABs and whose mediocre career minor league OBP is higher than his SLG. Its not too hard to imagine Baker blowing out the arms of Johnny Cueto and Homer Bailey. And, really, isn’t Dusty Baker the most anti-Adam Dunn manager? Baker wants fast old people who hit .300, which is why an Adam Dunn for Juan Pierre trade is inevitable (no, not really, but that would be fantastic).

I do like the idea of starting the season with Scott Hatteberg at first and bringing up Joey Votto once they can do so without starting his arbitration/FA clock (May, I believe). The pickin’ machine has been solid since being shipped to Cincinnatti by the A’s, albeit against lower competition (NL Central) and inside a hitters’ park.

I still don’t understand the hire of Dusty Baker. He is a terrible in-game strategist, receives credit for destroying two pitching careers, and has never developed any homegrown players. I usually say that the effects of a manager on how well a team does are minimal. However, I should qualify this: the positive effects of a manager are minimal. They can still manage to royally screw up a team. And while I don’t really wish the Reds any ill will, it wouldn’t be entirely unfunny to watch Baker make a mess of the Reds.

EDIT: Dusty Baker is saying more ridiculous things as presented by FJM.

Arbitrary song of the day: The Avalanches – Frontier Psychiatrist


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