Hasbro and Universal

Is this a joke? I mean, really? A Stretch Armstrong movie – people will want to see this? Like, for money?

The article mentions Ridley Scott for a Monopoly movie, which makes me doubt the legitimacy of this. The games the article lists don’t even have plots. What would happen in this Monopoly movie? The game itself doesn’t even make sense. You go around buying land from some nebulous property owner until all but one person is bankrupt. Though, I do think Forest Whitaker would be great as “The Hat”.

Do you really need to purchase the rights to the game Battleship? What element from this game would be used in a movie? I guess the movie would have a battleship in it, but you don’t need to pay Hasbro for that.

This raises many, many questions for me as one can see.

Arbitrary song of the day: Basement Jaxx – Where’s Your Head At?


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