Links and such

There is now a links section for some/no reason. Some random complaints:

  • There is far too much Super Bowl coverage. That is all I have to say about the Super Bowl, as I have realized I don’t really care if the Steelers aren’t involved (though who doesn’t want the Patriots to lose?).
  • ESPN needs to stop doing these pointless “Hot Stove debates” chats. Keith Law didn’t appear to care much for it either when he moderated the Upton v. Upton debate. I realize there isn’t too much to talk about at this point in the baseball season, but c’mon.
  • One reason I don’t read “The Trib”, also see this and this
  • ESPN’s recent poll regarding baseball prospects and fans’ knowledge needs more answers for questions. For example, the first question, “What does your favorite MLB team rely on most?”, has the options “Building with prospects…” and “Building with veterans…”. We need a third answer just for Pirates fans: “Bobbleheads”.

Check out Keith Law’s Top 100 prospects for 2008. Good stuff as usual from Keith. He has Buccos prospect Andrew McCutcheon ranked at #12, whereas Baseball Prospectus’ Kevin Goldstein had him at #24. The only other Pirates in Keith’s top 100 is Neil Walker at #89 and the TJ surgery-recovering Brad Lincoln at #97.  Goldstein has Walker at #94 and , surprisingly, Steve Pearce is at #43! Thats right ahead of players such as Josh Vitters and Jose Tabata, which seems a little insane to me, considering Pearce’s ZiPS projection is merely .267/.324/.462 (below average in a corner outfield spot or first base). Though I think Pearce will be at least somewhat better than that, he will be 25 in mid-April and has minimal defensive value, so I really have no idea why he is in Goldstein’s top 50 at all.

Arbitrary song of the day: Kreidler – Au Pair


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