You get no Hall with one meatball

hall of fame logoMore 2007 music stuff to come, but how ’bout some baseball? The 2008 baseball Hall of Fame elections recently concluded and the big news is out. No, not that Goose Gossage made it or that Jim Rice barely missed, but that Todd Stottlemyre received a vote. In honor of that, I thought picking out some of the interesting single vote-getters of the past 10 years. I only picked one for each year, so for a few there were some interesting choices, but no choice at all with others.

1999John Candelaria A key member of the Pirates World Series team from 1979, when apparently it was considered heterosexual to nickname a guy “Candy”. This is no longer the case.

2000Bill Bullickson An ERA+ of 98, which means he was worse than average overall in terms of ERA. I guess he won 20 games once, but then so did Mike Krukow, who coincidentally also received exactly one HoF vote in 1995.

2001John Kruk Fantastic. For a beefy 1B/OF, its surprising that he hit for so few home runs. In any case, I presume that his voter must be a fan of round numbers, as Kruk finished his career with a .300 AVG, 1200 G, and 100 HR. I guess you could say that he was a well-rounded player, in more ways than one! Ha, ha, ha… you see what I did there? The man is portly and I have made fun of him for this. Maybe he will eventually be enshrined for his broadcasting.

2002Lenny Dykstra Double fantastic: Dykstra and Kruk together again. A good lead-off guy and an interesting “dude”, the latter of which is probably more responsible for the vote. He was recently named in the Mitchell report, which probably hurts his chances of getting elected by a cracked-out Veterans committee which has fallen under the leadership of John Kruk.

2003Darren Daulton Really, I imagine it was probably just a Philadelphia writer who essentially wanted to marry the entire early 1990s Phillies team. I really don’t know much about his defense, but his offensive rate-stats are pretty great for a catcher. It would’ve been interesting if Daulton hadn’t had injury issues (he had only 5 seasons of 100+ games) as he did have great plate discipline and decent power for a catcher. Also he was crazy.

2004 – Terry Pendleton Has probably the highest BCI ratio (# Baseball Cards I own of him vs. my Interest in him) of all time. Won an NL MVP award in 1991, though Bonds should have certainly won it instead. Had two other above average offensive years (including his abbreviated rookie year) and two average years. Doug Drabek (who I think was my favorite player at some point) crushed him in the 2004 election, doubling Pendleton’s number of votes. So, yes, the Pirates got their revenge. ed. note: Does sarcasm work in typing? In hope so. Also, italics are fancy. They are for fancy words.

2005 – Terry Steinbach Not any particularly interesting 1 vote-getters this year. He did, however, Hav one spectacular outlier of a season in 1996,where he totaled 19 more HR, 91 more TB, and 33 more RBI than his second best year. Some of this can be attributed to his career high 145 games, but not too much of it. Anyway, there were many more interesting players hanging around at the bottom of the election list in ’05. Darryl Strawberry, Jack McDowell, Jim Abbott… its like my SI for Kids collection from over a decade ago threw up all over the bottom of the ballot.

2006 – Walt Weiss The sole 1 vote-getter of 2006, Weiss was a terrible hitter. He had no power, hitting career high of 8 in 1996 at Coors Field. The previous year, his OBP was 82 points (!!!) higher than his SLG. Thats approximately negative power at Coors. I’m pretty sure Dante Bichette bunted for more than 8 for home runs in 1995. Weiss did walk a good deal though. But why were pitchers walking him? He had a terrible batting average and hit for no power.

2007 – Jay Buhner Part of that Mariners juggernaut of that somehow managed to not win a championship. Really, he’s most memorable for the Seinfeld line by Frank Costanza directed towards George Steinbrenner: “What the hell did you trade Jay Buhner for?!” Sadly Bobby Bonilla got 2 votes, so we don’t get to discuss him here.

2008 – Chuck Knoblauch Well, I already mentioned Todd Stottlemyre, so we can’t very well bring him back. I’m surprised, actually, that Knoblauch didn’t receive more than one vote. Isn’t he scrappy enough? He stole bases, hit for little power, AND he’s white. That should certainly be enough right there for a few scrappy votes. He also played up the middle with Derek Jeter, surely thats enough for a couple New York sportswriters’ votes, no?

I’m kind of glad the BBWAA has enough insane members to warrant some silly votes and that the Veterans Committee was absolutely terrible for a number of years (now, just bad). What other baseball stuff would we occupy ourselves with in December/January?

Also, I’m starting a new feature. Every post will have an arbitrary song that I’ve been entertained with that day. The selection, is, well, arbitrary.

Arbitrary song of the day: Trio – “Da Da Da”


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